Upcoming Events

August 2:

Board Meeting, at the Calaveras County Library, San Andreas.

August 8:

"Writing Your Family History" presented by CGS Board Member Terry Stone 10:00 am - 12 noon 

Technology for Genealogy & Brick Wall Busters Special Interest Groups (SIGs) 12:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

September 6: 

Board Meeting at the Calaveras County Library, San Andreas

September 12: 

"Organizing the Branches of your Family Tree" presented by CGS member Valerie Beadle. 10:00 am - 12 noon

Writer's Group SIG Meeting 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm

October 4: 

Board Meeting, at the Calaveras County Library, San Andreas


Check out the CALENDAR PAGE for additional information and to see the upcoming schedule of monthly meetings, workshops and seminars. 

What Does CGS Offer Members?

Emailed reminders of our monthly meetings that provide speakers and programs where members can learn new ways to do research and network with other genealogical researchers.

A quarterly newsletter “The Froghorn” that is either emailed or mailed to members, depending on their preference. 

Emailed tips, tricks, and information on genealogical websites, freebies for genealogy researchers, and other great information.

Discounted fees for most CGS seminars, workshops and research trips.

Mentoring sessions are available upon request after the monthly meetings, led by an experienced researcher. 

Opportunity to place their Surnames on the Surname Research List on the CGS website, where others that may be researching the same names are able to make contact to share information.  Check out the list of names on the SURNAME AND RESOURCES page. 

What Else Does CGS Offer?


CGS owns a large selection of genealogical research books, periodicals, and magazines in a dedicated genealogy section at the Calaveras County Library in San Andreas.  Items cannot be checked out, but are available to do research in the library.  A list of books and other resource materials is available on the Froghorn & Library Page.

Monthly Meetings

Are open to the public.  Held the second Tuesday of each month in the Chesebrough Room at the Calaveras County Library in San Andreas from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. 

June's social meeting typically includes a tour of a local historical location and stories told during the tour of the pioneer families of that area.  

December's social meeting includes the opportunity to network with other researchers and share stories of brick wall breakthroughs or new research methods. 

Special Interest Groups (Meet every other month - as explained below)

Technology for Genealogy: To help members with problems related to technology and their genealogy.  either genealogy program assistance, or other devices like scanners, printers, tablets, etc.  This Group will meet on EVEN number months after our general meeting in the Chesebrough Room at the Library in San Andreas. 

Brick Wall Busters: A group to help members break through their brick walls.  Group sharing of the brick wall, and group discussion on steps to take to break through.  This Group will meet on EVEN number months after our general meeting along with the Technology for Genealogy Group in the Chesebrough Room at the Library in San Andreas.

Writers Group:  If you are interested in getting started or continuing with your writing project, then this group is for you.  This Group will meet on ODD number months after our general meetings in the Chesebrough Room at the Library in San Andreas. 

Mentoring Sessions

For help with your genealogical questions experienced researchers are available after the monthly meetings to assist you.

Calaveras Death Index and Cemetery Project

A comprehensive index utilizing old mortuary records and cemetery lists to make an index available to family researchers, including as much information as possible about the deceased.  Check out the Finding Them page for more information.

Looking for Someone In Calaveras County?

Fill out the contact request form with the information you are looking for and a CGS volunteer will help with researching and email the results to you.

They cannot obtain birth, marriage or death certificates which are only available for a fee from the Calaveras County Recorder.