Calaveras County Death Index

You can look for the names of your deceased ancestors by clicking on the letter of the alphabet that matches their surname. Information in these lists was as accurate as possible with the information available at the time the lists were compiled but new information that was found since, may have caused some of the names in the lists to have inaccurate information now.  
Some of the burial places and towns are now gone (Camanche, Fourth Crossing etc.) and the bodies may have been moved to other cemeteries.  Newspapers, coroner inquests, probate files, mortuary records, grave markers and many other sources were used to compile these lists. These files are large so allow time to open them. 

These lists were last updated online in 2012.  Please contact the Calaveras County Archives at 209-754-3918 for the most current information.

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Calaveras County Cemeteries

A list of over 100 burial sites in Calaveras County has been made from death records, newspaper articles and other sources. Some of them are no longer burial sites because the bodies were removed and reinterred in other places, perhaps when the land was flooded to form lakes. Other sites are on private land and some of those no longer are visible. Families often had burial sites on their ranches and larger towns have established cemeteries that are still in use. You can read this full list and/or download or print it.

Calaveras County Cemeteries

Looking for A Calaveras County Ancestor?

If you have a query about an ancestor who lived in Calaveras County, the Calaveras Genealogical Society may be able to help you.  Go to the About Us page and in the message section enter your question, along with all names, dates, etc. that you know about the person.  A CGS member will do lookup in the available resources.  

They cannot obtain copies of birth, marriage or death certificates, which are held by the Calaveras County Recorder who charges a fee for each certificate.  

The volunteer can also search for newspaper obituaries in old newspapers (not more recent issues).  You will be contact by a CGS volunteer with any information found. 

Surname Directory

Calaveras Genealogical Society Surname Directory (PDF File)

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